Vicarious Ranch

The Ranch

Our 60 acre ranch is located off the beaten path amid the long stretch of Indian Valley, where "Big Sandy" Creek seasonally flows; just shy of the southern border of Monterey County outside the mission town of San Miguel. This is the Central Coast of California and as we are a bit inland, we enjoy very hot summer days with cool overnights and cold winters with plenty of chill hours for our stone fruit orchard. The Ranch is home to our herd of dairy goats and sheep, our passel of Mangalitsa pigs, chickens, ducks, herding dogs, livestock guardian dogs, and us.

We have vegetable gardens and a small orchard with approximately 70 trees.

Our animals are 100% pasture-raised as the property is cross fenced to assist in rotational grazing. The land is carpeted with seasonal native grasses, and loaded with blue oaks and pines; all good food sources for the ruminants and pigs alike.

We operate a small roadside farm stand where you can find products from our farm including meat, baked goods, jams, vegetables, lotions, soaps, and other seasonal products.

We are proud of our farm and grateful for the beautiful land we operate on;  we strive for sustainable and regenerative land stewardship.

Live Vicariously

We are Mike and Christy Larsen and along with farming, Christy enjoys cooking and baking (selling goodies at the farmstand), traveling to far-off places, and visiting with friends. Mike also enjoys traveling, playing bluegrass music (banjo & guitar), archery, and Star Wars.

Being farmers was a later in life choice for us, as we both had successful careers in "the city" before moving to the central coast of California and raising livestock. Wanting to have a greater understanding and more control over our food source(s) brought us to this life. We are not only raising meat for you, we are raising it for ourselves.

You can bet we are paying attention.

We live in a beautiful valley, along the (now dry) Salinas River, that was once a muse for John Steinbeck. The winters are cold and the summers are hot; the numerous oaks provide a wind-break in the winter and shade in the summer; allowing our animals to live outside throughout the year.

60 Acre Baker

Christy writes a blog where she shares recipes both savory and sweet; with an emphasis on seasonal eating.  Hit this link @sixtyacrebaker to be directed to the site.