Vicarious Ranch

The Goats of Vicarious Ranch

We raise both Nigerian Dwarf and Mini Nubian goats on the ranch.  Every year we breed a handful of does as we use their milk for our personal use {milk, cheese, yogurt, and custards} and for the bath and body products {soap, lotion, scrubs} we sell in the farmstand on our etsy shop

All of our goats are dam raised---meaning we allow the kids to take the mother's milk until weaned at approximately 8 weeks old or until the dam naturally weans them.  Many of our baby goats {kids} go to local homes as pets, weeders, and milkers.

Goats are extremely curious and each one has a distinct personality.  They can be very crafty when it comes to getting into mischief.  We liken them to a very precocious toddler.  Our goats love treats of apple slices, banana chips, ballpark peanuts, and raisins.  

Once a year we host a goat walk and picnic from our farmstand.  It is our most popular event and sells out very quickly.