Vicarious Ranch

Goats & Sheep

Seasonally we will have animals for sale; typically goat kids and lambs and the occasional ram, buck, ewe, or doe. 

The Process

We are fairly strict on our policy of selling animals only in pairs, unless you have an already established herd at home. Goats and sheep are herd animals and should not be kept as single pets no matter how much you believe you will love on them. We also inquire about fencing, housing, feed, etc before selling an animal to you.  It is our belief that the best home for these animals is one where there is enough space for exercise with proper fencing, adequate shelter and protection from predators.  While goats and sheep are fantastic for weed abatement, they are also are easily injured and killed by neighborhood dogs and wild predators.  If we don't feel that you have proper space for the animals, we will decline to sell them to you.

Kids and Lambs

Our kids and lambs are dam raised unless there was an issue at birth where we had to bottle feed.  Bottle-fed kids are very attached to human contact and are great for people who want an animal that is going to be super friendly.  We choose to dam raise when available as we do not need the milk and we feel that "mother's milk" is easier to digest and provides a better immune system for the kids than replacement formula.  Dams naturally wean the kids at 8-10 weeks for the most part. Kids begin supplementing their diet with hay as soon as a few days old and by the time they are 8 weeks old can get as much nutrition as they need from the same diet their momma's eat.

Registration and Pedigree

We no longer register our goats; haven't for several generations.  Our mini-nubians are, with limited exceptions are 6th and 7th generation.  We have begun breeding some of our mini-nubian does to our nigerian dwarf buck in order to avoid inbreeding.  This would produce a 1st generation (experimental) mini-nubian.  It is only important if pedigree is important to you.  We are not breeding for any specific genetic (milk or otherwise).  We do however refrain from re- breeding any doe that does not show good mothering instinct or has trouble producing milk.

Our pricing on the animals reflects our practices.  You can expect to pay a minimum of $350-$400 for a registered goat with a decent pedigree.  We are looking for good homes for well loved goats and charge from $75-$150 for doelings, bucklings, and wethers. 

We band our male lambs from 3-5 days old and our male kids at 8 weeks old.  All of our animals born on the ranch are given selenium at birth, and cdt vaccine at 3,6, and 9 weeks.  Kids are disbudded at 3-5 days old on average. Sometimes they will get scurs if the horns begin to grow back.  We make an effort to avoid that, but it does happen on occasion. 

If you wish to acquire a lamb or kid who has not been banded or disbudded, they must be reserved and paid for in full in advance.

We do not guarantee the health of any animal once it leaves our property.  We welcome you to arrange and pay for an independent vet exam prior to purchase.  We will not knowingly sell an animal that is in poor health. 

Animal Health
Available Animals

We breed a handful of goats each year in the fall/winter. Kids are typically available in the Spring/Summer.